New York City Opera


New York Times Review

We are tremendously excited to be co-presenting

the world premiere with

Spectrum Symphony of New York

conducted by Artistic Director,

David A. Grunberg



509 Atlantic Ave

Entrance on 3rd Ave

Brooklyn, NYC

In conjunction with the artistic staff and dancers of


New York Baroque Dance Company

Directed by

Catherine Turocy

With Choreography by

Caroline Copeland

Our unique collaboration will delight today's growing audiences who love new and adventurous music, and those that love The Baroque Period and it's infinitely complex influence on today's music and dance.

The Rape of the Lock is an acknowledged masterpiece, much studied and praised for its archetypical "heroic couplets" and its wide-ranging and gently teasing humor, based on an actual incident. A young lord cut off a lock of hair without permission from a young lady, and the two estranged families were subsequently "laughed back together' by Pope's legendary "mock-heroic" poem.

Presented by

The New York City Opera in its Vox2002,

"The Rape of the Lock" garnered praise from

John Rockwell of The New York Times:

"The Rape of the Lock," a work in progress ... offered her adaptation of Pope's text clothed in wonderfully lush, intricate and contrapuntally energetic music. For me, she was the most pleasant surprise of the series. “… Let's hope it will “get a real chance, complete and fully dressed in a properly prepared stage production.”

The New York Baroque Dance Company under its Artistic Director, Catherine Turocy, is regularly asked to realize period dance for Baroque operas in Europe and in the US. With Caroline Copeland as their choreographer, our dancers will have modern movement that is historically informed, and will co-exist in projections with the opera singers.

These superlative artists will collaborate to create a fantastical world of music, poetry, dance and theater, expansive and richly layered, inspired by Baroque music and dance, and the melodies and counterpoints of today.