vox 2002            nyt review



May 15,  2002



... "The Rape of the Lock," a work in progress ... offered her adaptation of Pope's text clothed in wonderfully lush, intricate and contrapuntally energetic music. For me, she was the most pleasant surprise of the series.

…  the City Opera series is valuable. If Mr. Adamo succeeds in getting the word out across the country, perhaps more surprises like Ms. Mason will surface.  The City Opera showcase is backed by an impressive assortment of institutions providing funds, including (but not limited to) the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, the ASCAP Foundation, the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs and two foundations endowed by notable American composers, Aaron Copland and Virgil Thomson. ...

Ultimately, operas succeed or fail because producers believe in them passionately and persuade the public to become similarly impassioned. Maybe if these and other foundations could come up with still more money, and bankroll complete productions, more operas like ... Ms. Mason's and others would get a real chance, complete and fully dressed in a properly prepared stage production.


A Reading at New York City Opera